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Broken Equipment

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GIANT Magazine (2008)

Broken Equipment is a multi-media production company that specializes in animation, music production and social media marketing. Broken Equipment's productions have also been featured on VH1, Complex and Netflix.

The idea of Broken Equipment was originally created as a music production group that turned into an animation company. The success of the FILNOBEP YouTube channel helped Broken Equipment reach big success. Among our collaborations are VladTV's "True Hip Hop Stories" series, VH1's Love and Hip Hop, and Walter Latham's Latham Entertainment. Broken Equipment has also produced music for multiple recording artists.


Broken Equipment owns multiple YouTube channels, totaling over 200,000,000 video views. We have a total following of over 1 million across social media platforms. 

Broken Equipment:

VladTv's True Hip Hop Stories on Complex.

Broken Equipment on UpRoxx

VH1's Love And Hip Hop's Dirty Little Secret Wedding

Broken Equipment?

We are not just an animation company. and neither are we just a music production company, because we offer much more.

We have multiple platforms, each reaching millions of views. Broken Equipment has been featured on Love and Hip Hop, Netflix's This Is Pop, and help create multiple series for Complex, VladTV, and Latham Entertainment.

Broken Equipment on Love and Hip Hop.
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