Wait a sec. Give me time to explain.

Its almost the end of a crazy 2020, and I am just getting to a place of posting again.

I started posting videos to YouTube in 2006 and a lot of my life has changed since then. People came and went, family gotten bigger, money got spent. I struggled trying to keep people together until one day I crashed.

In the beginning, it was fun. I loved having people around to bounce ideas off of. Or someone who just wanted to hold the camera while we do something crazy in the studio. The energy back then was like a party everyday.

Somehow that turned into just me trying to be funny, while behind the scenes, I work too much to have fun. I don’t blame nobody, that’s just how life goes. But lately I realize that I overthink shit too much when I think with myself.

So I promised myself that I would just live how I want and accept it if people don’t like it.

2020 is a weird year and I know that it seemed like a good time for new videos, but I didn’t feel that way. I feel like theres only so many times we can laugh before quarantine life made us feel bitter about everyday things that we like. I don’t wanna get canceled because somebody else got mad they can’t go outside. The amount of flags and demonetizations show that people don’t even laugh at jokes the same.

But I’m tired of dealing with that. I’m done with tripping over the audio quality. Definitely over going hard on detailed animations (That’s a story for another day). And I’m NOT CHECKING FOR NO MORE HATING ASS COMMENTS! It is what it is. I’m back on my own terms. Otherwise imma blow my brains out.

Thank you to everybody who messaged me thru the year. I know I didn’t reply back to everyone but I appreciate the love. Thank you to everybody who buys any of our shirts.

And thank you for reading.

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