The FILNO Show

I finally got to premiere the new series. It was supposed to be out last week but one of my microphones broke right before we got to finish recording. When you're trying to do everything yourself, you will run into a lot of problems. I felt like that is important to know for anybody looking to do it all on their own.

I loved reading the feedback on the first episode. Some of you guys want me to drop a new episode each month. I feel like we should drop each week. So each Friday I'll be posting a new episode.

Hope you enjoy. If you want to support feel free to join the YouTube channel memberships.

I expect people to think I'm gonna quit making these episodes and go missing. But this show I'm doing entirely on my own (not relying on any help) so I won't be quitting this time.

Episode 2 is already finished and will be out the first Friday of February. Thanks for watching... (I say that a lot but I really mean it. You could really be watching anything else.)


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