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Stable Video Diffusion

There's a new AI trend going around where people are taking any image and turning it into a moving image. Wanna know how? There's a few ways to make your image animate but lets talk about a newly released app - Stable Diffusion Video.

First let's see an example:

Starting Image

Claymation image of a man standing in an abandoned alley

Image Animated

Claymation ijmage of a man walking down an abandoned alley

As you can see, one image is still and the other is moving. Normally, we would need a powerful computer to create something like this. Thanks to HuggingFace, we can try it online for free.

Go on over to HuggingFace and sign up if you don't have an account. Then go to the 'Spaces' section and look for "Stable Video Diffusion".

Uploading Image to Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion on HuggingFace

You'll see a page where you have to drag an drop your image on to the screen. It's preferred to use an image in landscape or wide view, but you can use any image. Once you add the image, just click the generate button below. It will take a few minutes to generate, so be patient. If you get errors, just try again. Sometimes the servers are clogged but this is because there are so many people trying out this new feature. What do you expect? It's free!

Now that you know how to turn a picture into a moving image, you can create your own for your social media content. You can offer this as a service for other brands who may be looking for something like this. Just an idea!

There is also a website where you can use to make Text to Gif images - HotShot. It's not as cool as animating a still image, but its fun to play with and free (at the time of this post). Try out HotShot.

That's all for this AI update. Have fun playing with these new tools while they are available.




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