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Moho: Debut or Pro?


Moho Animation Debut

There are hardly any videos or posts about Moho Debut. With a low price under $100, you'd think there be more discussion around it. Maybe they need help understanding what sets the two versions apart. Need help understanding if Moho Debut is right for you? Let's break down the key features that are missing in Moho's Debut version that way we know if it's worth coughing up hundreds on a Pro version.

Watch the video:

Lets do a quick review:

  • No Group Layer: It's like not having a special way to organize your drawings together, but you can use something else called a Bone layer.

  • No Layered PSD Support: It can't use some types of special files, but it can still use pictures from them.

  • Can't Create Smart Bone Actions: You can't make some special movements for your drawings, which is like a cool animation trick.

  • No Frame By Frame: It can't draw pictures one by one, but you can make those pictures outside and bring them in like a video.

  • No 3D Layer: You can't make your drawings look 3D, but you might need a different tool for that.

  • No Physics: Your drawings can't move like they're affected by forces, like wind or gravity.

  • No Particles: It can't make special effects like sparkles or smoke, but it can show them if someone else made them.

  • No Smart Warp: You can't change how your drawings bend in a special way.

  • Missing Vector Tools: Some drawing tools are not there, like a special magnet tool.

  • No Bone Constraints: Your drawings can't follow special rules for how they move.

  • Limited Animation Length: You can't make really, really long animations, but most cartoons are much shorter.

  • Max Resolution is 900x900: Your drawings can't be as big and detailed as in some other drawing tools.

  • No Scripting: You can't use special codes to make your drawings do extra things automatically.

By now, you should know if you need the Pro version of Moho. My opinion is that the Debut version is perfect for anyone trying to get into animation. It's cheaper and features the most needed tools. You could always go back to an older version, like Moho 13.5 or Anime Studio 11, if you would like Pro features but at a lower price.

Head over to Moho's website to download the demo. There are limits (like watermarks) but you'll get a feel for the program.


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