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Make Money on YouTube

You want to make money on YouTube but you are not in the Partner program? It's not easy getting those 4,000 watch hours and not to mention 1,000 subscribers!

I am sure you have heard of url shorteners like Bitly. What if I told you that you could make money from using url shorteners? Yes, that right. You can earn up to $13 just from posting a link!

But before you go creating and posting short links everywhere, let me show you an easy way to use these to make money.

First, you want to sign up to one of the short url link hosts that actually pay. is a good one that you can start with, but there are others out there.

Next, you want to find a video on YouTube that is a very trendy topic such as health, Cryptocurrency or any video with topics you feel you can easily find the target audience. Copy the link to that video, then paste it to the link generator. The link generated will be the link you post to make money.

But first we need to get people clicking! We can't click the links for ourselves because Adpaylink will detect any counterfeit activity. I actually encourage you to not abuse this system because you can be banned for it.

So how do we get people to click our url?

If you have an audience on social media then this should be pretty easy for you. You can use this to send your viewers to watch your next YouTube video. Although, some viewers might not click thru to watch. If you have no audience, here is what you can do.

Join any forums that discuss topics similar to what your video is about. You can also join similar Facebook groups dedicated to your niche. Next you will want to be active in the group to avoid looking like spam. Being active can be as simple as commenting on a few posts or making posts of your own. But try to be helpful and respond to people in the group so that you become trustworthy. If you just show up posting links, you are going to look suspicious. Most spammers don't realize that people can check your post history.

When you post always make sure to let people know if they need help that they can reach you via Messenger. If you are helpful, sure people will see no problem reaching out to you. Posting the short links in comments wont always work as Facebook and other sites work to block links like these. This is a way to keep you from getting free money. But you can always find ways around posting the links.

You can send the Short url that you created on and if the person clicks thru, you just earned some free cash. The best part about it, it doesn't have to be your video.

The easiest way to make this work is just let your friends know what you are doing and tell them click the link. Just send a text to your friends as soon as you create the short link.

The best way to make money online is by first building your social presence. Most people think this is hard but believe me it is not. Most people make a living on Instagram and YouTube without ever showing their face. Check down below for a link to a course that can walk you thru some things you can do to run a successful business on social media.

Before i go, I want to give you a few more sites just like that offer pay for clicks.

Now if any of this information has helped you, don't forget to show us some love and share this with a friend.


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