Happy New Year

If you sent me a message and I did not get back to you, I apologize. I got hit with waves of emails since I made this site public and I am responding as much as I can.

Thanks to those people supporting by watching and buying stuff from the merch store. That support really helped over the holidays. Check out this shirt design we created to celebrate 2021.

I am also going to premiere my new series this month. I pushed the release back because I got sick right before we started filming but please look out for it and I hope you support it.

Also, let me know which social site I should move my videos to (outside of here) because YouTube really trying to delete my channel.



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I was told I need to make a Tik Tok because its easy to blow up on there. Blowing up is the least of my concerns, but I still made a Tik Tok. Yeah, I be having fun with it. But it took too long for me