Future sits on Santa's Lap

I was supposed to post a different video but it is a little shorter and I don't feel like I should come back off such a short video. I wont say who is in the next video, you'll just have to look out for it. Thank you to everybody who helped me during this journey until now... That's nobody.

On another note, Youtube can kiss my ass for always flagging my videos. This whole time I been away from Youtube they been going thru my old and private/unlisted videos and marking them as hate speech and violent. Yup, of course I got temporarily banned but I doubt anybody would care that shit like that happens as long as they get a laugh.

Subscribe for more. I am trying my hardest to drop the new series on New Years.


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I made a TikTok

I was told I need to make a Tik Tok because its easy to blow up on there. Blowing up is the least of my concerns, but I still made a Tik Tok. Yeah, I be having fun with it. But it took too long for me