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Auto Lip Sync in Moho 13.5

This article will be about Lip syncing in Moho 13 (This also works in Anime Studio). The technique shown below is what we use to save a lot of time while animating.

To do this, you will need a switch layer and a clear audio of a person speaking.

To make sure you do this process correctly, make sure you check these 3 things:

  1. Make sure that your most 'closed mouth shape' is on the layer closest to the bottom of the Switch Layer group. The most open, to the top of the group.

  2. Only use open and closed mouth shapes. Use as many layers as you like, the more the better, But don't use other shapes like 'f','o', 'l', or 'u'.

  3. Make sure your audio file is dynamic and has parts that are louder than the other. (Louder sounds make the switch layers react more).

The mouth movements are important to make look realistic, but most viewers don't worry too much about perfect mouth shapes. Just look at most anime characters. Most of the anime characters have open and closed mouths. Very simple. So don't stress your self trying to get the perfect mouth movements.

About Auto-Lip Syncing

Automatic lip syncing is a process that uses artificial intelligence to match the movements of a character's mouth to the sounds of their speech. What makes the process helpful is that originally, lip syncing is a tedious process when animating. In some cases, lip syncing can take hours to complete. This is why the automatic process is needed.

The tools available today are not the best, but using our method can speed up the process. Technicians are working to improve AI generated speech with something called "viseme mapping". Visemes are the basic mouth shapes that are used to produce different sounds. By tracking the visemes in a character's speech, an AI can then generate the appropriate mouth movements for the character.

If you learned anything today, please give our video a like and don't forget to practice this technique. This will save you a lot of time in your workload.


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