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After a murder connected to a group known as the Hot Boys, a man from New Orleans learns to survive in the streets of Los Santos. Meanwhile, his younger brother is causing trouble and has a police detective determined to figure out what is up with the Hot Boy Gang.

Hot Boy Gang is a comedy influenced by Louisiana culture from the voices to the visuals. The series cotains adult topics and is intended for mature audiences.

Part 1
Part 1
Tha Intraduction

The start of the problems that begin for the hot boy gang. hot boy's mother is leaving for new orleans so he has to grow up and get his life together. The only problem is his little brother Brandon, and the wild and reckless crew known as the hot boy gang.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Simba, Tiffany Caines

Part 2
Too Hot

HB Brandon is mad and wants revenge for what happened to him, except he doesn't want to do it himself. It just so happens that there is someone who wants to offer help in exchange of a favor. The gang is being watched by a detective.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Simba, Tiffany Caines, Prince Jules

Part 3
I Got That Work

Darnell's little brother, Yung Killa, is out of control after the murder of his older brother. The rent is due but the Hot Boy has no money, so the gang has to get to work. They reach out to an old friend who helps put money in their pockets.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Simba, Treezy, Prince Jules, Q4lawwdiee

Part 4
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Dirty World

Hot Boy has to drag HB Brandon to Darnell's funeral. Bobby gets robbed, and Yung Killa finally meets Brandon. Detective Richard Holder is still looking for more info on the Hot Boy Gang but is having trouble finding anything.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Treezy, Prince Jules, Q4lawwdiee

Part 5
The Streetz

The Streetz is the hottest hip hop show in Los Santos, and Yung Killa is going to be a guest on to the show. 21 Savage is also appears to do a freestyle. Hot Boy and the gang are in desperate need of some money, but Brandon seems to be doing okay.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Tiffany Caines, Simba

Part 6
Grown Man

Hot Boy finally went and got himself a job - working at the Chinese Sto. Some online trolls are attacking Yung Killa and something needs to be done about it. Officer Applewood confronts Yung Killa's crew about his friendship with Crusty.

CAST: Jared Kennedy, Prince Jules, Q4Lawwdiee

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