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Lil Derrick Da Goat

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Don't forget about me, ya heard me! My name is Muppy and my daddy was a gangsta, ya heard me. Muppy Gang for life!

- Muppy

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Who is Lil Derrick?

Lil Derrick Da Goat is a puppet from New Orleans, Louisiana who dreams to be a big time rapper. No one knows his affiliations, but Lil Derrick claims to have major family ties in the streets. Already reaching thousands of plays on his debut single, Lil Derrick is preparing to release his first album very soon and will take the streets by storm.

"Itz Ya Dog" Freestyle

"Puppet Master"

Word from Derrick

"If you wanna support Lil Derrick, stream my music on all streaming platforms and by my merch. Put some money on my books. Free Me, ya heard me."

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