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Broken Equipment
We Are Young Money

The classic FILNOBEP series that started in 2009 with a short video making fun of Birdman's star, Gudda Gudda, Lil Wayne and the rest of Young Money. We turned that short video into a longer series to touch up on things that Young Money do over the years.

All voices and animations are done by filnobep

Dipset The Movie
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If she don't know what this is, she might be too young for you. The video series that gave Broken Equipment and FILNOBEP a head start before the popularity of youtube. The series was so popular, even Dipset had to cosign it.

Dipset the Movie is an old series created in the early youtube days.

Hot Boy Gang
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A comedy series based on a group of guys from New Orleans (Now living in Los santos), who keep getting into trouble with different people in the city.

Watch the series early on YouTube. Coming to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat soon.

Series created by Jared Kennedy

The FILNO Show
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A series of random short cartoons and Live skits from the mind of filnobep. Hosted by Twinn from FILNOBEP, presented by Broken Equipment.

Check regularly for new updates or just follow FILNOBEP on Instagram!

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